Humans are a playable race in Citadel of Sorcery. The other five playable races are all variations of humans.


Humans were the first free race and were the only race directly created by the dead gods. They are adept at both martial combat and sorcery.

Peran Tremora's descendants are different from other humans. Described as being "Of The Blood", these humans are not duplicated across the Reflected Worlds. They also cannot pass on into the second veil, meaning they can be revived endlessly. They can also harness grim and radiant energy more easily than normal humans.

Humans have the largest population and are found throughout the world. They are generally accepted by the other races, but are also the prime target for demons. Humans do not have a single unifying culture.


Humans are deeply superstitious. This will directly affect playing as a human.


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